Read Thai turbo (self-study)

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Learn to read Thai – the easy way!

Read and write Thai in less than 10 days

This turbocharged course covers EVERYTHING you need to know.

You’d laugh if we told you that you can learn to read Thai within a couple of weeks, right?

But it’s true! Nobody believes us when we tell them they can learn to make sense of all those strange symbols, but it’s a lot easier than you think! And learning to read Thai improves your other language skills tremendously. Anybody who learns to speak Thai fluently has learned to read first, and all our students who learn to read tell us they wished they’d done it sooner!

There’s the obvious benefits of being able to read, such as understanding street signs and reading menus in restaurants, but one of the greatest advantages is the immediate improvement in your pronounciation followed by a better understanding of grammar. Your spoken Thai will improve more than you thought possible.

And if you want to learn spoken Thai more quickly, then lots of reading is important. The more you read, the better you understand how the language works. When you read Thai, you will improve your vocabulary, your grammar, and your writing skills at the same time.

When you’re in Thailand, it’s like you’re inside a visual dictionary. Without thinking about it, you’ll pick up vocabulary from your surroundings. Even better; you’ll be more likely to retain the new words because you’ll more easily remember the context or situation where you saw the word. A lot easier than trying to memorise from a vocabulary list!

This is a comprehensive course designed for everyone who wants to begin reading and writing Thai. Using clear, simple explanations, examples, audio clips and downloadable materials, you’ll be reading your first Thai words on day one.

A one-time payment gets you 24 weeks of access.

What you’ll learn:

initial consonants
final consonants
short vowels
long vowels

consonant combinations
the tone rules
other written symbols
exceptions and more …


Learner level:

no prior knowledge required
an open mind
practice, practice, practice

This is a beginner level course.

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Patong Language School began life in a small wooden hut on Patong beach way back in 1983. We've grown in size over the years, but more importantly we've learned a lot about developing courses and materials for our foreign students learning to speak, read and write Thai. We believe there is no easier or quicker way to learn Thai than using our courses. Thousands have succeeded, so can you!
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